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When I started out I wish there was a resource like this available.. so I've created one. An open opportunity to ask any questions you have around growing your business, enrolment and making money. All the things that we're not taught and are not talked about enough are discussed here. This is run on the 1st Monday of every month at 12.30 PM UK time Email for the zoom link


Are you tired of letting your self-judgements stop you from showing up as the person you know you can be? Are you so used to putting on a mask at work that you no longer know where the real you begins and ends? Do you avoid having difficult conversations? Do you get paralysed when having to make decisions? Are you worried your colleagues will expose you as a fraud or impostor? Do you spin your wheels trying to manage difficult relationships and please people? Now is the time to conquer these limiting factors and thrive! This is the time to empower yourself and tune up your leadership style. This event is run every 2 weeks.

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