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‘Pivot Points’ explores, celebrates and normalises the twists, turns and changes of course in life.

Pivot points are not ‘jump and the universe will catch me’ moments. Brave moves aren’t a big, bold one-off event. They are slow, iterative and evolving. 

Each episode we take our guests on a retrospective; looking back on how they felt at their pivot points; the highs, lows, failures and fixes. We delve into their mindset, perspective and choices at that time, and what it has taught them in the long run.

Gabi and Amelia are the bubbly hosts. Both professional coaches and self confessed story junkies, they are privy to the most astonishing and empowering, behind-the-scenes accounts of so many successful people.

They enjoy busting the myths around ‘confidence’ and ‘success’ and show the audience that bravery is not just for C Suite, millionaires or silicon valley entrepreneurs with New York Times best sellers. Normal folk do exceptional things all the time. You too can do it.


A pivot is a marker of success, not a glitch in the matrix!

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Episode 3: Rabbi Jeremy Gordon

Rabbi Jeremy Gordon who is the Rabbi at New London Synagogue in St Johns Wood. After graduating with a first class honours degree in Law from Cambridge University he went on to work in television, before ultimately making a huge turn and deciding to become a Rabbi. On this episode he speaks about ~ humans are built for imperfection. ~ there is strength in softness. ~ living in alignment with your values can look rebellious! ~ leadership of a community. ~ pivoting out of COVID. Stay on after the interview as we revisit Rabbi Jeremy to comment on the Black Lives Matter movement which covers his optimism about humans in a change process.

Episode 2: Louise Blyth

Louise Blyth is a mother of two young boys and an author who has just realised her memoir ‘Hope is Coming’ It tells of her husband's journey from his bowel cancer diagnosis to his passing away. When he was diagnosed their boys were just 2 years and 8 months old. He went through 8 rounds of chemotherapy but sadly passed away within a year of diagnosis. What runs in parallel to the story of George’s illness is the story of Louise finding her spirituality, taking her on a path from trauma to peace. In this episode she focuses on the diagnosis moment, finding her faith and the pivotal points after his death and its subsequent parallels with the global grief we feel in Coronavirus.

Episode 2 trailer: Louise Blyth

This trailer is a letter read by Louise to her late husband. It's an extract from 'Hope Is Coming', Louise's book released in April this year. The full episode of us exploring her Pivot Points is released on Thursday 18th June.

Episode 1: Ebony-Jewel Rainford-Brent

In episode one, we're joined by Ebony a World Cup Winning Cricketer, who was the first black woman to play for the England Team. Now retired from playing, she is a Broadcaster, Motivational Speaker and Performance Coach. She talks to us about her pivot points, from an injury that almost ended her career before it had even begun, retiring from sport with no clear next step and what death has taught her about how to live.

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