Are Life Coaches Allowed To Make Mistakes?

“You’ll never have this day again, so make it count” (1).jpg

This is a question that's been running through my mind over the last month almost daily. 

It's been a difficult month and one in which I've behaved at times in ways that I didn't think I would and done things that are not in line with the person I aspire to be or the best version of myself, which is something that can be hard to accept. 

This happens from time to time in life as we all make mistakes and have to learn lessons but this time, it's been even harder to deal with as I've had this voice in my head saying "but you're a life coach so you shouldn't make mistakes." 

I felt that I was expected to be better because I'm a coach. That I should be better. Shouldn't mess up, shouldn't make mistakes, shouldn't be selfish or stupid and should always get everything right

As much as I've tried to shut it off, it's played to my own insecurities that I now must be perfect, at all times,

In my rational mind, I know this is totally unrealistic. Of course, I want to be perfect, we all do. I want to always conduct myself in a way that is inline with the person I see myself as, who I aspire to be and the very best version of myself but unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. We're all human. We make mistakes and we get things wrong. 

In life, things go wrong, whether they're because of a choice we've made or something that is out of our control but it's in those moments that we always have a choice as to how we respond. This time mine was this; do I judge myself, hate myself and berate myself for what I have done or do I show myself compassion, love and understanding and learn from it? 

One thing I realised was, what has happened has happened but my believing that I wasn't allowed mistakes and that I should judge myself and hold myself to impossibly high standards was not going to help me in moving forward. My clients work with me because I am who I am and that is a normal, flawed and relateable human being. 

Throughout life, we will all come up against moments like this and it is in these moments when we can choose our response. It is not the issue but how we respond and relate to the issue that shapes our experience.