You have enough. You are enough

You HaVe emough (1).png

Almost everyone I come into contact with experiences some version of this. Enough, is in front of them, just out of arms reach and as they move closer, it moves further away. 

This is because we all believe what we have, is never enough. We're not thin enough, rich enough, smart enough, happy enough, healthy enough - nothing is ever enough and we are never enough. 
This leaves us in a constant state of feeling inadequate and lacking. Everyone is comparing themselves to others. "Comparison is the thief of joy" and we're all being robbed of our joy!

What I've learned is that you will never reach this imaginary goal that's just in front of you because as you move closer, it will more too. However, if you believe that all you have and all you are now is enough, you can be happy here and now. 

This doesn't mean that you stop growing, evolving and striving for things but it means that you know, that happiness and fulfilment doesn't come from reaching some goal, it comes from within. When you accept this and accept yourself and where you are, your life will change. 



Gabriella Miller