Why we gossip

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I feel the need to start with a disclaimer. I love gossip. I've always loved gossip. I'm a busybody and a woman who grew up in North West London where gossip was our food. 
With that said, I'm constantly evolving and developing and this is one of the things I'd like to be engaging in far less. 

Why do we gossip

1. To feel better about ourselves. 

Most of the time, when we put other people down, it's to make us feel better about ourselves. If we're feeling bad and we talk badly about others, it's an attempt to bring them down to our level. 


2. It's easier to talk about other people than ourselves. 

Without the gossip, we have to get real. It forces us to talk about ourselves, who we really are and what we really feel and this can be scary and vulnerable. Sometimes we're not willing to share this with everyone. 

3. We feel part of something.

I personally think of some friendships in my life and know that gossip is a huge part of these relationships. It's easy to feel that if we're not in it and engaging, then it's happening around us and possibly about us. There can be a feeling that it's better to be the victor than the victim. 

4. We secretly love the gossip and drama.

There is something exciting about gossip. It's a way to connect with people, there tends to always be something new to discuss. However, there are always better and nicer ways to placate our boredom.  

5. To feel better about ourselves or because we're jealous.

Try and catch yourself next time your gossiping. In someway, you're likely to be trying make yourself feel superior or deal with some jealousy you have towards that person. 

Sadly, as much fun as it is to gossip and as much as we're all loathed to give it up, it's something we all need less of in this world. No one likes to be gossiped about and even if it gives us an immediate high, ultimately, we don't feel good about ourselves when we gossip. 

I'm going to really focus on cutting it out - join me!