3 steps to take when you're overwhelmed

3 steps to take when you're overwhelmed.png

Last week I felt overwhelmed. I had a lot on, I had been working away for a few days and had come back with a backlog of things that needed to get done. I know that this is a really common thing to experience and so I've put together 3 steps to take when you're feeling overwhelmed. 

1. Ask yourself what's really important

Get 2 pieces of paper. On the top of one paper write "to do list" and write absolutely everything you have to do. On the top of the second, write "the one thing I have to do today is..." 

Now decide what the one thing you want to get done is and move that item over. Ignore the long to do list and sit with the second in front of you. 

Focus all your attention on that one task and once it's complete, cross it off and move something else over from the first list and repeat. This mentally allows your mind to focus on one thing at a time and feel less overwhelmed. 

2. Get rid of any lingering items. 

We all have those things that have been on our to do list for weeks or months. I decided this week that these things for me were either unimportant or things I was really dreading doing and so I gave my self one day where I decided I was either going to do them or cross them off the list. 

These incomplete tasks often feel overwhelming and impossible to do, so why do we keep them there? All this does is ensure that we get to the end of the day with outstanding jobs, making sure we never feel a sense of achievement or completeness. Cross them off or get them done! It's liberating. 

3. Relax, let go of the idea you're overwhelmed and take a deep breath

As with so many things in our lives, when we create a story, we stick to it. I decided at the beginning of the week that I was going to let go of the idea that I was overwhelmed and didn't have enough time.

It was a really simple shift but it made a huge difference for me. 

Whenever I found myself feeling overwhelmed, I took a few deep breaths and tried to relax and I told myself that I had enough time to do what I needed to. The way we talk to ourselves has a huge impact on how we feel and what we can achieve. 

Let me know your tips and tricks for dealing with overwhelm.