February Intentions

Feb Intentions.png

With January behind us, I'm feeling excited for spring, lighter mornings and a little more sunshine. 

I did set some new years resolutions at the start of 2018 but I also plan to set monthly intentions of things that I'd like to focus on and pay a little more attention to each month. 

There is so much hype around the new year with people feeling that they must have a complete overhaul and begin multiple new habits. Whilst I quite enjoy setting resolutions, I understand it's not for everyone. Monthly intentions on the other hand, are a brilliant way to refocus and energies yourself for the month ahead whilst giving yourself space to focus on something that is important to you. 

My February Intentions are: 

1. Stretch for 10 minutes each day 

My body has been feeling stiff and tight and painful recently and I know it's because I never stretch and so I'm going to spend 10 minutes each day stretching. I've found a couple of good youtube videos I can follow whilst I get going. 

2. Love my body!

I've written a separate blog post on this which I will publish next week with a little bit more detail on this challenge but for now I'll just say, I'm tired of hating my body and I'm going to spend February giving it some love in an attempt to change my relationship with it. Stay tuned!

3. Blog 3 times a week

If you're here reading this, I'm so happy that you're following supporting and enjoying these blog posts. I'm going to commit to blogging on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

4. Go ALL in!

Although everything I'm doing at the moment is new, exciting and often scary, I've decided I'm going to step it up this month. 

I'm tired of playing small, dipping a toe in and worrying about judgements or failure so I'm all in! I'm going to put myself out there and in 100%.


What are your February intentions?