Thinking Positively

We have around 70,000 thoughts a day and about 90% of these are negative. What a shocking statistic. 

Thoughts are floating in and out of our minds all day long but we only give attention to a small number. Why can't we remember what the newsagent was wearing yesterday but we can remember exactly what happened in an argument with a friend 6 months ago? Because, we've decided that's what we want to focus on, that's what's important and deserves our attention. 

Try to experiment today or this week with something new. 

When you have a positive thought (I look nice today, I'm so happy I get to sleep in this morning, I'm proud of myself for that presentation, I love her/him) pause and give that thought some attention. Let yourself feel that feeling fully. Experience the goodness that comes with a good thought.

And, when you have a negative thought which you'd normally hold onto (I hate my job, I'm fat, are people judging me? Everyone else's lives are better than mine), let them pass. Don't fixate on them and give them airtime. 

Our minds are a muscle and if we constantly jump on the negative and ignore the positive, it will remember that and eventually do that for us. 

It's never too late to retrain!

Sending love and light, 


Gabriella MillerComment