13 Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself Today

13 powerful questions.png

It's easy to find ourselves coasting through life. Weeks turn into months, which turn into years and suddenly, nothing has changed because we've changed nothing. 

Even though getting to the point in a job or relationship where you're really unhappy is difficult and challenging, it often spurs us into action and focuses us to look at the situation and make a change. 

When things are going "ok" it's easy to find ourselves accepting mediocrity. Is there an area in your life where you're not necessarily unhappy, you tell yourself, things could be worse, you're going to do something about that soon but it's just not a priority now. How long has this been the case? 

Don't be spured into action only when you feel desperate as you then take action from a place of panic and haste. Be spured into action by your own desire to do the best you can in all aspects of your life. Be spured into action by your ambition, self drive and motivation. Be spured into action because you know that you can do, will do and want to do better. Strive for real happiness. Don't accept ok, when you know you deserve better. 

I speak from experience here because I coasted along in a job I was happy enough in for far too long. I wasn't challenged, inspired or motivated and I knew that I needed to make a change but always found an excuse. It was fun, I liked the people, I enjoyed elements of the work at times but then these times became fewer and fewer and the bad times started to take over. It was only when I felt that things had gotten so bad and I couldn't imagine having to work there for another day, that I found the strength to leave. I understand wholeheartedly how you can get to this point and I've been there. It's so hard. But what I learnt from this was that, when you know there is an aspect of your life that isn't working, that feeling won't ever go away, it will only grow stronger. Ignoring it isn't a solution. And, if you wait, you will end up having to make a rash decision, in a moment clouded by emotions. 


Here are 13 powerful questions to ask yourself today:


1. Where do I want to be one year from today? 


2. What do I need to do right now to make steps in that direction? 


3. If you could do anything you wanted to do, what would you do? 


4. Why aren't you doing the things you know you should be doing? 


5. Looking back at this situation in 10 year time, was it worth worrying about? 


6. Are your "shoulds" getting in the way of your happiness? 


7. What do you need to include more of and less of in your life?


8. What are you tolerating/ putting up with? 


9. What are you prepared to take 100% responsibility for in your life from now?


10. Which feeling is worse, failing or never trying?


11. What's the one job you'd happily get out of bed for every day for the rest of your life? Why aren't you doing it now? 


12. What are you avoiding? 


13. Do the things you used to worry about, stress over and get upset about a few years ago still matter today? 

My greatest wish for all of you is that you are living the happiest life you can in all areas of your life. 

Don't settle. 

Hold yourself higher, you deserve the best. 

If you don't make a change, nothing will change.