My Morning Routine

"Start as you mean to go on.." is the old saying. 

Does your day start as you'd like it to go on?

I'm always fascinated by peoples morning routines and so I thought I'd share mine with you all. 

I sleep with my phone on airplane mode (although I'd like to start sleeping with it outside the room) and when my alarm goes off, before switching airplane mode off, I set a 5 minute alarm and in this time I do a mediation. I sit up on the edge of my bed to avoid falling back to sleep and really centre myself and take a few deep breaths before starting my day,  looking at emails, social media and the news. 

I also set very clear intentions for how I'd like to show up that day. This morning this was:
 "my intention is to make everyone I come into contact with feel important and heard" 
 "my intention is to do what I do from a place of authenticity"
 "my intention is to put food in my body that makes me feel good and nourished"
  "my intention is to be kind and loving to myself and others" 

I then ask to be surrounded by a loving light for the day ahead.

Once I get up, I normally do an exercise class of some sort and then come home and drink 2 tablespoons off apple cider vinegar with water and a cup of hot water and lemon.

I know it can seem impossible to give yourself any time in the morning when you're in a rush but even 5 minutes can really help you set yourself up for the day ahead. Giving yourself time to think about how you'd like to show up in your life that day can be very powerful. 

Rather than waking up on Monday morning thinking that you haven't had enough sleep and dreading the day ahead, try something new. 

I'd love to hear how you get on with this and what your morning routine is.

Sending love and light, 

Gabriella Miller